‘Dance with me’ – Scenography as research

Keywords: Dance, notation, drawing, writing, body, art, history.

This performance was created in collaboration with Sangita Champaneri who co-designed and constructed the costume. It was performed at TaPRA, QMIP and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

In this performance (three sequences of existing skating training exercises) I use and examine the ice skate as a semi-autonomous item of costume that, through an evolving partnership with the skater, contributes to the artistry of a dance.

Created on a 2m x 2m surface of synthetic ice, this performance brings the skater and the skates together in an unfamiliar environment. Working through repetitive training exercises, extending and expanding each one in turn, this performance seeks to locate and elucidate the moments in which the movement of the skate leads to a change in the pattern of the performance. Video footage of the development of this performance both documents the process and provides additional data to assess the transition between learning to dance through a costume to dancing with a costume.

Research output:

2015-2016. Dance with Me. Research paper.

2015. Performance at The Qualitative Methods in Psychology Conference. 

2015. Performance at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

2014. Exhibition of work at the Gallery Space at Royal Holloway, University of London ( TaPRA 2014). Photo (left) by and with thanks to Nicola Hewitt.

2014. Performance at the Theatre and Performance Research Association Conference.

2013. Published journal paper; Performance Research Journal. On Ice. Drawing as Research; Learning to create performance with and through the blade and boot of a skate.

'There are times when the simple dignity of movement can fulfill the function of a volume of words.' - Doris Humphrey.