Workshops / teaching

Drawing and Movement Workshops:

drawing movement costume

April 2016. Working with young artists to create movement and drawings from objects – using these drawings and movements to create characters, costumes designs and stories.







25th July 2015. Today I worked with Synchronised skating Teams, Aura and Pheonix to explore different ways of expressing different physical and emotional qualities through movement; with the body in space and on the page through mark making.

Multi synchro drawings 2015

Both teams worked well together and created some really interesting and expressive work. The drawings will be photographed individually and collectively, compared and used to develop the next series of workshops with the teams. These will continue the work we have already done but will focus specifically on the music used by each team for the competitive year 2015/2016. Drawings will be evaluated using feedback sessions with the team and coaches.



Designing for Music. Character in Space. A series of workshops for undergraduates. Visiting Theatre Design Lecturer. Rose Bruford College










'There are times when the simple dignity of movement can fulfill the function of a volume of words.' - Doris Humphrey.