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Experiences of sporting performance

A series of intervention case studies using drawing to examine personal and collective experiences of sports performance, training and learning. Sports include figure skating, tennis and rugby.  

Drawing and performance/scenography as research

Scenography. 2016. Paper submitted.   Using scenography to examine performance training practices: ‘Learning from athleticism: creating the space for artistic flow.’ A short historical exploration and comparative study of scenographic duets used in selected performance / performance training practices in 1950’s cinematic dance and parkour. Theatre, Dance and Performance Training journal blog. August 2016. (Developed from journal paper, Parkour as a Pas de Deux.)…

Research Hub

Success – Hub residency process blog. Developed by a team of researchers from different research backgrounds, institutions and practices, this interdisciplinary and collaborative project uses moments of intersection between different fields to reveal new pathways and perspectives. My area of research centres on creativity, scenography, performance, education and training, with an interest in curation and video editing. My methods are art…

'There are times when the simple dignity of movement can fulfill the function of a volume of words.' - Doris Humphrey.