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Experiences of sporting performance

A series of intervention case studies using drawing to examine personal and collective experiences of sports performance, training and learning. Sports include figure skating, tennis and rugby.  

Vesper – a performance/scenography as research project

@ Edinburgh Fringe Festival. C South. Venue 58. August 2016. Performing with, through and on ice-skates. Re-thinking what it is to dance on ice; re-thinking what it is to scenograph. Blog link.  Film Clip. Sketchbook snapshots: Inspired by Dialogues with Scott Graham, his workshop and the performances by Frantic Assembly. Tipping Point. Ockhams Razor. Drawings of and practice with Parkour Generations. The…

Drawing and performance/scenography as research

Scenography. 2016. Paper submitted.   Using scenography to examine performance training practices: ‘Learning from athleticism: creating the space for artistic flow.’ A short historical exploration and comparative study of scenographic duets used in selected performance / performance training practices in 1950’s cinematic dance and parkour. Theatre, Dance and Performance Training journal blog. August 2016. (Developed from journal paper, Parkour as a Pas de Deux.)…

'There are times when the simple dignity of movement can fulfill the function of a volume of words.' - Doris Humphrey.